• Climate change is destroyingour path to sustainability. Ours is a world of loomingchallenges and increasingly limited resources.Sustainable development offersthe best chance toadjust our course.

    Climate change is destroying
    our path to sustainability.
    Ours is a world of looming
    challenges and increasingly
    limited resources.
    Sustainable development offers
    the best chance to
    adjust our course.

    Ban Ki-moon
    Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Every time you spend your money,you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

    Every time you spend your money,
    you are casting a vote
    for the kind of world you want.

    Anne Lappé
    Author and sustainable food advocate
  • I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer.

    I feel more confident
    than ever that the
    power to save the planet
    rests with the individual consumer.

    Denis Hayes
    Times Magazine ‘Hero of the Planet’

Ecolabel South Africa

Ecolabel South Africa will help consumers identify non-perishable products that:

  • are environmentally sound
  • offer fewer health hazards
  • are of good quality
  • are made by companies that have demonstrated high levels of social responsibility

Stringent social and environmental criteria based on South African and international best practice will be set for a wide range of product groups via a series of open, consultative processes. Companies will then be able to apply to certify their products against these criteria. If successful, companies will be licensed to display our Blue Star logo on the relevant product and marketing material.

Therefore, when choosing a Blue Star-certified product, you will know that the product and its manufacturer have been independently assessed as having superior attributes in the specified areas – and that the product has been tested to make sure it does what you expect it to do.

Ecolabel South Africa is a registered non-profit organisation. Our pilot ecolabel project for all-purpose cleaning products will commence in 2016.


The dti shows support for ecolabelling in South Africa

The Department of Trade and Industry has confirmed that the work of Ecolabel South Africa is in line with the goal of greening South African industry. The 2011 National Strategy of Sustainable Development includes ecolabelling in its Action Plan for Sustainable Development and Consumption since ecolabels are seen as a means to improve and change environmental behaviour without overt government action.

17 December 2015

Pick n Pay to participate in pilot project

One of South Africa’s foremost retailers, Pick n Pay, has shown support for Ecolabel South Africa by choosing to participate in our pilot project for all-purpose cleaners. The retailer has proposed its brand name all-purpose cleaning product for the purposes of verification and certification in the Ecolabel South Africa pilot project.

17 June 2015

MOU signed with African Ecolabelling Mechanism

Ecolabel South Africa has signed a memorandum of understanding with the African Ecolabelling Mechanism (AEM) to jointly develop ecolabel criteria for cleaning and packaging products based on the criteria developed by Ecolabel South Africa. The AEM was established with the primary objective of promoting a culture of sustainable production and consumption in Africa by providing an umbrella ecolabelling mechanism and brand to facilitate improvements in the sustainable management of resources, the environmental profile of African products and the expansion of their market access. The implementation of this MOU will facilitate the harmonisation of ecolabel criteria across the Pan-African region.

27 March 2015

Partner of the 10YFP Consumer Information Programme

Ecolabel South Africa has been welcomed as an official partner of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes Consumer Information Programme (10YFP CIP). The 10YFP CIP, launched by the United Nations Environmental Programme in 2014, serves as a global platform to support the provision of quality information on goods and services, and the identification and implementation of the most effective strategies to engage consumers in sustainable consumption. It empowers and raises the profile of relevant policies, strategies, projects as well as initiatives and partnerships, building synergies and cooperation between different stakeholders to leverage resources towards mutual goals.

1 March 2015

Partner of the 10YFP Consumer
Information Programme

Pick n Pay

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