• Climate change is destroyingour path to sustainability. Ours is a world of loomingchallenges and increasingly limited resources.Sustainable development offersthe best chance toadjust our course.

    Climate change is destroying
    our path to sustainability.
    Ours is a world of looming
    challenges and increasingly
    limited resources.
    Sustainable development offers
    the best chance to
    adjust our course.

    Ban Ki-moon
    Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Every time you spend your money,you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

    Every time you spend your money,
    you are casting a vote
    for the kind of world you want.

    Anne Lappé
    Author and sustainable food advocate
  • I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer.

    I feel more confident
    than ever that the
    power to save the planet
    rests with the individual consumer.

    Denis Hayes
    Times Magazine ‘Hero of the Planet’

About Ecolabel South Africa

Ecolabels are precisely what their name implies: labels indicating the environmental (‘eco’) credentials of businesses, products and services. Ecolabels cut through the volumes of information that crowd markets and provide a one-stop, credible, independently verified information source about the environmental attributes of a business, product or service. Companies and products that have been certified by an ecolabel display the organisation’s logo so that you can easily identify environmentally sound businesses, products and services.

At Ecolabel South Africa however, we place equal importance on a company's social attributes. Indeed, Ecolabel South Africa was established to help consumers identify businesses, products and services in South Africa that follow best practice in caring for both people and the environment. The presentation of the Sustainable Business, Sustainable Products and Sustainable Services category labels will indicate that the companies, products and services, respectively, have been assessed and certified by Ecolabel South Africa as complying with comprehensive social and environmental criteria.

In general terms, the absence of a formal structured process through which South African-based businesses can advance their sustainability initiatives – and be recognised for their efforts – is an acknowledged obstacle to the development of a socially and environmentally sustainable economy in South Africa. Challenging labour conditions, inequality and discrimination are also significant stumbling blocks within business and society as a whole, and meaningful organisational activity in these areas is critical for sustainability. From an environmental perspective, there is considerable pressure on South Africa’s energy, water and other resources, which underscores the urgent need for structured resource management tools for business. Moreover, consumers are increasingly wanting to buy products that are not hazardous to the environment or human health, as well as services provided by ethical businesses.

Ecolabel South Africa provides direction to fulfil these requirements by making a series of innovative measurement criteria and certification opportunities available and accessible to all levels of industry. By identifying and measuring the social and environmental attributes of companies, Ecolabel South Africa can help companies implement positive and sustainable changes using the Ecolabel South Africa criteria as guides.

Ecolabel South Africa is a registered public benefit organisation. We will be developing our unique software system and criteria for the Sustainable Business category in 2018.


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